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Thursday, February 28, 2008



  • Study of the characteristics of the human population: Demography
    • Shows what motivates various groups to become active on certain issues and why some groups are more likely to show up on election day
    • Categories:
      • Age: Under 25 -Low turn out rate
      • Gender: Men once dominant, but with women voting rights this is changing
      • Race: More white people vote than any other to vote
      • Education: Highly educated are more likely to participate in politics; high school drop outs show the lowest records
      • Income Level: Higher level are more active, blue collar works participate more than white collar or unemployed workers


  • Chances of voting: Voter Intensity:
    • Higher:
      • Strong feelings about voting
      • Person stake
      • Interest in hot issue
      • Feel connected to political system
    • Lower:
      • Vote make a difference
      • Not compelled
      • No interest
      • No knowledge of candidates or issues
    • Related to Political Efficacy:
      • Internal:
        • Refers to how well people understand the system or get involved or stand on the political sidelines
        • People who have strong understand of issues and candidates
      • External:
        • Whether people believe if their efforts have a difference
        • If they think they can make a difference they have High External Efficacy
    • Issue Saliency:
      • Whether they believe issues make a difference in their lives
    • Consensus: Large amount of voters have the same opinion on topic; causes people to become apathetic and do not think their vote will make a difference
    • Polarization: Highly divided nation causes people to become more opinionated and will become more active to make sure that their vote and thoughts are heard

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