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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Physiology -Notes- Bone Growth

Bone Growth

  • Bones grow from the epiphyseal plate during infancy and youth
  • Facial bones continue to grow until your demise
  • Replacement of cartilage cells by bone cells only on the sides of the diaphysis
  • Controlled by sex & growth hormones
  • Bone growth is completed at 25 years in males and 19 years in females

~3 Different Zones~

1.) Growth Zone: cartilage undergoes mitosis, push up on epiphyseal plate

2.) Transformation Zone: older cells begin to break down (hypertrophy) and enlarge

-These cells begin to calcify

-Cartilage turned into bone

3.) Osteogenic Zone: formation of medullary cavity

~Growth is Dependent on 4 Factors~

1.) Adequate Minerals: Ca2+, B, Mn

2.) Hormones: thyroid, growth, sex, parathyroid, calcitonin

3.) Vitamins: A, B12, C, D

4.) Exercise: weight bearing stress

AP Calculus -Test- Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Test

1. Find the Derivative

A. 4x3 + 3x

B. 5


D. -1 .

E. 1 .

F. 2e5x

G. ln 3x - 7

H. 5x3 sin x

I. 26x

J. 4

6x + 1

K. cos x

L. tan x

M. (3x2 + x)5

Ösin 3x2

5x2 cos x

P. (3x2 + 4x)2

3x + 6

Q. log2 3x


2. Find y',y'', and y'''.

A) 5x7 + 3x6 – x5 + 2x4 + 3x2 – 12

B) cos 3x

3. Find the equation of the tangent line at P.

  1. y = 3x2 P = (1,3)

  1. y = 2x – 4 . P = (4,6)


4. Find where the slope of the tangent line to y = x3 - 3x2 is 0.

5. A spherical balloon's radius is increasing as it is inflated. Find how fast its volume is increasing with respect to the radius at r = 10 cm.

6. An athlete's position on a field is determined by the equation 100 + 25t – 5t2. Find when his velocity is 0.

7. You are the director of an action movie. In one scene, a stunt man is launched from a catapult such that his height above ground at any time is given by -16t2 + 48t + 64. You will need to set up the cameras to catch appropriate moments in his flight. Find…

  1. When he gets to highest point and how high he is.

  1. When he hit's the ground, and how fast he's going when he gets there.

  1. How high up he is when he's launched, and with what velocity he is launched.