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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Art History-Chap.17 images part 2

17-22 Hugo ven der Goes. Portinari Altarpiece
-c. 1474-76. Tempera and oil on wood panel.
-Commissioned by Tommaso Portinari, he managed the Medici bank in Bruges
-Made in Flanders and move to Florence, Italy in the Portinari chapel in the Church of Sant'Egidio
-Taommaso, Maria Baroncelli, his wife, and their three oldest children, are pictured in the side panels. Behind them are their patron saints. In the left panel are Tommaso and his son Antonio, and behind them are the name saints, Thomas and Anthony. In the left is Maria and Margherita, behind them are the saints Mary Magdalen and Margaret. On the left side with the males is the younger son who was added later so he has no saint.
-The scene depicted in the middle panel is the nativity with everyone looking in adoration to the newborn baby Jesus. There are shepherds and angels present. Mary dominates the central panel
-It was painted in atmospheric perspective, with the colors in the background more muted

17-25 Unicorn at the Fountain
-from the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestry series, c. 1498-1500. Wool. silk, and metal thread
-The unicorns represented Christ and the woman who captured it represented Mary, it is also represented romantic love.
-On the fountain there is the letters A and E, maybe representin the first and last letters if Anee of Brittany's name or her moto, A ma vie or "by my life"
-It is a rare piece because during the French Revolution the tapestries were burnt to retrieve the precious metals.
-It has rich colors and even shows the animals reflection in the fountain water
-The unicorns horns may represent the narwhale's horn which was the antidote to poison, so the unicorn is purifying the water by dipping his horn into it.

17-28 Jean Fouquet. Etienne Chavalier and Saint Stephen and Virgin and Child
-from the left wing of the Melun Diptych
-c. 1450. Oil on wood panel, an c. 1452. oil on wood panel
-Etienne was the treasure of France under Charles VII, Chavalier is shown praying the the vigin and child. It was made to keep a promise to the kings mistress Agnes Sorel who was probably the model for the Virgin.
-Chevalier is kneelin in prayer with his name saint Stephen. He is wearing a houppelande, the costume s of that time. Saint Stephen was the first Christian Martyr, he was stoned to death and that is why he carries a stone above the Gospel book he is holding.

17-29 Konrad Witz. Miraculous Draft of Fish
-from an altarpiece from the Cathedral of saint Peter, Geneva, Switzerland. 1444, Oil on wood panel
-depicted is a scene from Saint Peter's life, the lake shown is Lake Geneva. The drapery shows the Flemish influence.
Jesus is shown on the Alps in the distance. The water surface reflects the light, boats, figures, buildings and the bottom of the lake. The clouds above the water create a sense of light and dark over the water.

17-32 Antonio del Pollaiuolo. Battle of the Nudes
-C. 1465-70, Engraving
-Shows the study of classical sculpture, anatomical research led to realism, and technical skill
-the naked men are fighting against a tapestry like background made up of foliage.
-the men seem to have been modeled by the same person in different positions
-It shows how the mens muscle under tension

17-77 Giovanni Bellini. Saint Francis in Ecstasy
-1470's Oil and tempera on wood panel
-Shows the command of an almost Flemish realism, Saint Francis stands in communion with nature in the morning sunshine.
-The saint has outspread hand showing the stigmata, or the miraculous appearance of Christ's wounds on the saints body.
-The saint moved to the wilderness in a cave to search for a communion with god.
-The artist unites the Old and New Testaments with resemblance of Christ and Moses, the tree represents the burning bush, the stream represents the spring brought forth by Moses, and grapevine and the Stigmata, Christs sacrifice.

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