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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Art History-Chap 17-Images.2

Nani di Banco, Four Crowned Martyrs

  • 1410-13, marble, 6 feet high
  • Commissioned by the stone carvers and woodworkers guild
  • They were 3rd century Christian sculptors executed for refusing to make an image of a Roman god
  • Architecture resembles a Gothic chapel, but the figures had appearance of Roman sculpture
  • Stand in a semi-circle with forward feet and drapery protruding past the floor
  • Appears to be four individual talking to each other
  • In the reliefs below there are four sculptors at work
    • Figures and objects have been undercut to cast shadows

    Donatello, Feast of Herod

  • Panel of baptismal font, from Siena Cathedral
  • Gilt bronze, 1420's
  • Figures undercut for shadows and to emphasize mass
  • Lines of brickwork and other architectural details have been incised
  • Central axis left empty so the eye is led to the left where John the Baptists'' severed head is being presented

    Andrea del Castagno, Last Supper

  • Fresco in reflectory, Convent of San't Apollonia, France, 1447
  • 32 feet long and 15 feet high
  • Gives the illusion of a raised alcove where they are eating
  • Trompe l'oeil effect is aided by a focal point on the head of the sleeping John, lines of architecture converge there

    Gentile Bellini. Procession of the Relic of the True Cross Before the Church of Saint Mark

  • Oil on canvas-1496-Venice
  • Depicts the procession of relic being carried through Saint Mark's Piazza
  • Celebrated the daily life of the city in large, lively narratives

    Giovanni Bellini. Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saint Francis, John the Baptist, Job, Dominic, Sebastian, and Louis of Toulouse

  • Oil on wood panel-1478-Church of San Giobbe, Venice
  • Dramatic perspective view up into a vaulted apse
  • Vanishing point under the angel's feet
  • Saint Sebastian is pierced by arrows

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