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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Discrete -Word Problem-

The fairy princess decided to plan a surprise ball tomorrow. Periwinkle Cupcake Quesadilla decides to help her friends by making them all brand new dresses to make sure they all get noticed while they're dancing. She is making two different styles of dress: a lily dress and an iris dress. The lily dress requires four petal; while the iris dress needs eight. She was only able to pick 136 petals in such short notice. She also want to decorate the dresses with pixie dust to make sure it sparkles under the moonlight. Peri the Fairy only has 64 thimbles of pixie dust since convincing the pixies to sell the dust is very hard. The lily dress needs four thimbles of the pixie dust for just the right amount of glitter and the iris gown only needs two. In Peri's experience the lily dress has an attention capturing factor (ACF)of four male fairies, not including old men and ugly guys. The ACF of the iris dress is six. How many of each dress should she make to maximize her and her friends ACF?


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