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Friday, October 12, 2007

Art History -Chap 5 - Vocab.


Sanctuaries: Sites thought to be sacred to one or more gods

Temenos: A palatial home for the gods; with one or more temples, treasuries, monuments, and statues

Treasuries: Storage for valuable offerings

Oracle: (Of Delph), was thought to communicate predictions of the future from the god Apollo


Stoa: Columned pavillion open on three sides

Halos: Outdoor pavement where visitors watched dancing, talked, or rested


Slip: Mixture of water and clay

Negative Spaces: Open spaces

Porch: Hangs over door, supported on two sturdy posts

Gable: Triangular area

Fa├žade: Front wall

Olpe: Wide-mouthed pitcher

Rosettes: Stylized flower forms

Black-Figure: Decorated dark shapes against a bright background

Gloss: Clay slip mixed with metallic color pigments

Entasis: Columns shafts rise and swell in the middle and contract again towards top

Adyton: Small room at end of cella

Caryatids: Columns formed in the form of draped women

Antae: Square pillars

In Antis: Between the pillars, caryatids set flush with ends of side walls, reinforced by antae

Kore: Young woman

Kouros: Young man

Archaic Smile: Closed lip s,ile, used to enliven features

Attribute: Identifying symbol

Peplos: Draped rectagle of cloth

Encaustic: Mixture of pigments and hot wax that left a shiny hard surface

Chton: Garment

Himation: Cloak

Volute Krater: Large vessel with scroll-shaped handles

Amphora: Large all-purpose storage jar

Maenads: Female Worshippers


Kiln: Closed pven

Tempera: Paints made from egg yolks, water, and pigments

Kantharos: Wine cup

Hydria: Water jug

Palmettes: Fan shaped petal designs

Red-Figure: Red-figures against a black background

Calyx Krater: Handles curve like a calyx flower


Kylix: Drinking cup


Acropolis: City on a hill

Ring Wall:

Agora: marketplace

Podium: Raised platform

Tholos: Round building w/ six columns supporting a conical roof


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