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Monday, February 18, 2008

Art History -Chap 17- Images

Battista Sforza and Federico do Montefeltro; Piero della Francesca; 1472-73

  • Painted in tempera in light colors
  • Resembles Flemish painting in detail and luminosity
  • Figures portrayed in strict profile, as remote from the viewer as icons
    • Profile does not show Federico's missing right eye or broken nose
  • Emphasized underlying geometry of forms
  • River in Federico's panel leads the eye to the background

    Primavera; Sandro Botticelli; 1482

  • Painted with Neoplatonic ideas interwoven with estoteric references to classical sources
  • Painted on theme of love in fertility because it was painted at the time of Medici wedding
  • Venus is framed by arching trees in the center, above her is her son Cupid
  • Right: Flora, goddess of flowers; Chloris, nymph; Zephyr, Wind god
  • Left: Three Graces; Mercury, messenger god
    • He is protecting Venus from a dark storm cloud

    The Birth of Venus; Sandra Botticelli; 1484-86

  • Based on Antique statue of Venus
  • She was born of sea foam and Zephyr and Chloris
  • She is presented here modestly but still with sexuality

    Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter; Perugino; 1482

  • Christ giving the keys to the kingdom of heaven to apostle Peter
  • Linear perspective
  • The paved stones provide a geometric grid for perspectival recession
  • Vertically divided by open space between Christ and Peter
  • Horizontally divided by freize of large figures and open space
  • Triumphant arches are at either side of the square with a church in the cetner

    The Expulsion for Paradise; Masaccio; 1427

  • Fresco
  • Represented the mass of bodies formed by their underlying structure
  • A more generalized but focused illumination
  • More focused with the psychology of individual humans who have been cast mourning and protesting from Eden

    Adam and Eve; Jan van Eyck; 1432

  • Oil on wood
  • Captured every detail of the surfaces of the figures
  • Used intense, single-source light
  • Traditional Christian wrongdoing and on the forbidden fruit in eve's hand
  • At the top of the panel is Cain killing Abel

    Annunciation; Fra Angelico; 1441-45

  • Fresco painted on monastic cell; reflects location
  • Depicts Gabriel telling Mary that she is with child
  • Natural light comes from the left, a supernatural glow comes from Gabriel's face and hands
  • Linear perspective

    Frescos in Camera Picta; Andrea Mantegna; 1465-74

  • Characterized by the use of perspective
  • Di sotto in su (seen from directly below) used on domed ceiling
  • Room appears to be open to a cloud-filled oculus
  • Puttis, four women, and one Arab stare down from the oculus opening

    Tribute Money; Masaccio; 1427

  • Jesus and his disciples are the central focus
  • Linear perspective with atmospheric perspective in the background
  • Fresco
  • Gold leaf halo around the head of Christ and the apostles
  • Divided into three different scenes; tax collector asking for money, Peter fishing, and Peter paying the tax collector

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