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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chapter 14 Vocabulary

Chapter 14 Vocabulary
33. Charlamagne: "Charles the Great" King of the Franks, then proclaimed himself King of the Langobardian people after killing his father in law. First Christian Emperor
34. Carolingian: Empire started by Charlamagne in the mid 8th century. Made the Carolingian dynasty in 768. They were the Franks who settled in Gual. Under the reign of the Charlamagne the empire was in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Holland.
35. Pope Leo III: (795-816) crowned Charlamagne emporer after Constantine
36. Renovatio Romani imperii: " The revival of the Roman Empire" on Charlamagne's official seal
37. Westwork: A narthex where the church entry faced west (ex: Palace chapel of Charlamagne)
38. Cloister: arcaded courtyards linking the church and the building for the monastic community (ex: Abbey Church of Saint Riquier, Monastery of Centula)
39. Chancel: sanctuary (ex: Church of Saint Riquier)
40. Aachen: Capitol of the Carolingian empire.
41. Benidict of Nursia (St. Benedict): (c. 480-547) wrote Abbot Gozbertof the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Gali near Lake Constance

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