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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chapter 8 study guide

What does the illuminated tugras of Sultan Suleyman represent and what was its political and symbolic meaning?
The illuminated tugra is from a document from an institution in Jerusalem made by Sultana Hurren. It symbolizes the authority of the Sultant and his officials. The were put on seals, coins and buildings.

To what degree is Islamic art non-representational?
They were for anioconic style, they weren't allowed to make images of important religious figures especially Muhammad

Discuss the design of the Dome of the Rock in terms of Byzantine architectural and artistic influences?
It is a central planned mosque, it trakes the octagon with in an octagon from Byzantine tradition. But the exterior is highly decorated inlike christian churchs, it has a Gold DOme on a drum with bright colored mosaics.

What are the distinctly Islamic features of the Dome of the Rock?
It has intricate design made by individualy cutting the peices, and a calligraphic frieze topped by symmetrical vine scrolls and trees

What aspects of carved stone frieze on the exterioe of the Umayad palace of Mshatta are characteristics of Islamic art?
It has a zigzag molding that splits into triangles each containing rosettes in high relief. It has scrolls with animals and birds, it uses the arabesque style common in Islamic art

What aspects of the carved stone frieze on the exterier of the Umayyad of Mshatta relate to Persian and Byzantine motifs?
It has the intricate design and has a rosette that was common in bothe Persian and Byzantine motifs

What characteristics of the desigh of the Great Mosque of Cordoba are unique in mosque architectur ans would become influential in the development of late Islamic architecture?
They ussed the alternating pale and red Vousoirs. It has a double teired design that incresed the hieght of the interior space, with horseshoe arches

What are the stylistic characteristics of Samarkand ware?
WHite pottery with tufic-style letter was influences by Chinese porcalin which is imitated here

What are the distinctive characteristics of the Perisan four-iwan Mosque?
large, rectangular, vaulted hals with monumental arched opening, symbolizes the gateways between the outside and inside, the spiritual and material world.

From what building type did the 4-iwan mosque evolve and what particular need did the form accommodate?
It started from the madrasas that were schools for advanced study

Discuss the style and design of the mosaic mihrab from the Madrasa Inami, Isfahan in of how they represent Islamic artistice traditions?
Made but cutting each peice individually. THe color scheme uses white, turquise and cobalt blue with accents of yellow ans green was common in this type, patterns of organic and geometric forms

What are the distinctive characteristics of the Ottoman cantral plan mosque design, as represented in the Selimye Cami at Edirne?
Domed, raised on a base, truely central planed, dominatd by the large domed uninteruppted space. It has 4 minerats, one on each corner.

What unusual feature is found on the 13th century pen box from Persia which is rarely in other examples of Islamic art?
It is signed by the author

Discuss the design of the Banner of Las Navas de Tolosa in terms of its characteristics Islamic artistic features?
eight-pointed star int center with text surrounding it and intricate arabesque designs

Discuss how geometric, botanical and calligraphic motif anr combined in the design of thw Koran frontispience from 14th century Mamluk Egypt? What other examples of Islamic reveal similar combinations?
resembles court carpets, combines foliage and styleized flowers. has a 16 pointer starburst with calligraphic exteriors like in the Banner of Las Navas de Tolosa

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