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  • 03-17-2008 - 03-21-2008 -Spring Break (FREEDOM)
  • 03-21-2008 -Art History Outline and images
  • Still during spring break: Read Lord of the Flies for techniques/devices, 3 allusions due.

Monday, February 11, 2008

AP Literature -Short Form Template-



Review each main character, explain their relationships and how they interact, what conflicts arise, and give a sentence description of each.

Review the minor characters, give their importance (3), and a sentence description of each.

Review the main settings with a short description of each.

One plot structure outline (A-E) or (W graph).

Two symbols and explain their significances.

Two sentences on the domain aspects of authorial style with one quote for each description.

One dominant theme with explanation.

For short notable quotations, include speaking and occasion.

Final critique- 50 words/book critic style


  • Not an essay
  • Answer each question, use prompts as headings
  • Should equal to 2 pages - single spaced