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Monday, February 11, 2008

Art History - Chap 16 - Images

16-3 Plan of the sanctuary, Abbey Church of Saint Denis, Saint-Denis
-France, 1140-44
-Housed the tombs of French kings, regalia of the french crown, and the relics of Saint Denis
-Saint Denis was the patron saint of France, he was the first bishop of Paris
-Is sometimes considered Europe's first gothic structure
-The plan of the choir resembled one of a Romanesque pilgramage church, semicircular sanctuary surrounded by a ambulatory
-The choir has a; ribbed groin vaults coming from round peirs, pointed arches, wall buttresses, window openings

16-6 West facade, Chartres Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres
-France, c. 1134-1220, south tower c. 1160, north tower 1507-13
-the west facade has a large stained glass rose window, and two towers and spires
-influenced by Saint Denis
-proved very costly and had to be rebuilt several times

16-7 Royal Portal, west facade, Chartres Cathedral
-c. 1145-55
-3 doorways, with Christ Enthroned in Royal majesty in the central tympanum
-The column statues are are 19 of the old testiment precursors of Christ
-It related the builders to soloman who built the Temple in Jerusalem, and shows ties between church and the Royal house
-Most of the these statues at other churches were destroyed in the French revolution
-The high relief sculptures fit into the settings of columns, with long bodies and drapery
16-9 Saint Stephen and Saint Theodore
-left side, left portal, south transept entrance,Chartres Cathedral
-Saint Stephen was made between 1210-1220, and Saint theodore was made between 1230-1235
-Is more naturaly proportioned than other figures on the west facade
-Saint Theodore is in a gothic s-curve with slanted hips and feet planted on the ground, it was made to show him as a more alive figure
- has detailed facial expression and chain mail

16-11 Nave, Chartres Cathedral
-One of the widest naves in Europe, the sanctuary occupies 1/3 of the building, 118 feet vaults
-The cleristory has paired of lancets, tall arched windows, and oculi, circular windows and stained galssed windows.
-Has fourpart vaulting
-It has numeric symbolisms with 3, the trinity, 4, representing the material worldand 7, the combination of both of these numbers shown in the seven liberal arts that surround the christ child and Mary

16-13 Tree of Jesse
-west facade, Chartres Cathedral, c.1150-70. stained glass
-inspired by a similar window at Saint Denis, and a twelfth century manuscript
-Jesse is at the bottom then then branches lead to the 4 kings of Judea and then the virgin Mary, and the Christ at the top
-The seven doves that surround Christ represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
-In the half circles are the 14 prophets

16-19 West facade, Amiens Cathedral
-Begun in about 1220-36
-The lower levels were designed by Robert de Luzarches
-since the levels were built at differenet times there is a sense of disunity on the west facade
-the sculptures were made at around the same time so they were more uniform then those of earlier churches

16-21 Beau Dieu
-Trumeau, central portal, west facade, Amiens Cathedral, c. 1220-36
-On the tremeau of the central portal, Christ as a teacher-priest is shown bestowing his blessing on the faithful
-He is holding a Gospel book with is emphasized by the drapery bunched over Christ's left arm
-The Beau Dieu os standing on top of a lion and a dragon like figure or a baslisk. It represents his kingship and triumph over evil and death

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