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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Art History -Chap 7.2 - Images Part 3

7-9 Reconstruction drawing of Old Saint Peter’s basilica, Roma
c.320-27, atruim added in later 4th century, about 394’ long and 210’ wide
Had double aisles instead of the one on each side of the nave
It was built over where they thought Saint Peter was buried, Christ named Peter the head of the church so the church was thought to protect the tomb
IT was called “old” because it was later replaced with a new one in the 16th century
Narthex across the width of the building protects 5 doorways a large central portal into the nave and 2 portals on each sides opening to 4 side aisles
Had a T form made of the aisles

7-13 Plan of the Church of Santa Costanza, Rome
Built like a tholos
Was a central plan church
Built right outside of Rome, mausoleum for Constantine
Made into a church in 1256 for Santa Costanza, meaning christian princess
Tall rotunda with a barrel-vaulted passageway
A ring of paired columns with composite capitols

7-21 Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
c.359, marble, 4’x8’, Grottoes of Saint Peter
Junius Bassus was a Roman official
Inscription says that he was newly baptized and he was 42 when he died
Has 2 registers, divided by column in equal length, each has an earthly scene
Christ shows up with Peter and Paul, giving them the Christian law, like God gave to Moses
Has typological exegesis, combining Old and New testaments

7-33 Archangle Michael
Panel of a diptych, probably from the court workshop at Constantinople, Early 6th century ivory 17”x5½
Missing the other half which completes the inscription
The angel is shown as a divine messenger holding a staff in his left hand and a spear in the right symbolizing worldly powers
Has an orb below the arch, framed by a wreath, on scallop sled
He is floating in mid air

7-35 Page with Rebecca at the well
From Book of Genesis, either from Syria of Palestine, early 6th century. Tempera, gold and silver paint on purple-dyed vellum, 13 ½ x 9 7/8”
May have been made for imperial patron because purple dye is very costly
Is in codex form written in Greek with picture at bottom
It depicts the story where Rebecca at the Well, it shows a continuous narrative

7-49 archangel Michael, icon
Late 10th or early. Silver with enamel 19x 14”
Blessing viewers with upraised hands
The head and hands are in relief with more intricate relief and enamel decoration. The halo and wings are made with jewels, colored glass, and cloisonné
He always appears in same frontal pose with idealized youthfulness

7-50 Page with David the Psalmist
From Paris Psalter, second half of the 10th century paint on vellum 14x10 ½”
Version of Psalms, a scene with out text
Shows Daviv (author of Psalma)
Based the illustration on classical illustration
3-D figures in receding space with lush foliage and a stream perhaps from ancient Rome
Uses atmospheric prospective

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