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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chap 19

Baldachin: Canopy

Example: Baldacchio

Travertine: Porous stone that is less costly and more easily worked with than marble

Example: Piazza Navona

Tenebrism: Forms emerge from a dark background into a strong light that often falls from a single source outside the painting

Example: Calling of Saint Matthew

Parterres: Planting beds

Example: Embroidered planters located in Palais de Versailles

Prix de Rome: Prestigious scholarship offered by the French Academy

Example: Given to Hyacinthe Rigaud

Retablos: Spanish for "altarpiece" The screen placed behind an altar

Example: Portal of the Hospicio do San Fernando

Nepotism: favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power

dry point: Sharp needles used to scratch shallow lines in a plate

breakfast pieces: showing a table set for a meal of bread and fruit

camera obscura: A dark box with a hole in one side sometimes with a lens, it operates when a bright light shines through the hole. It projects an upside down version of the image on the interior wall which then can be traced

vanitas: an image in which all the images symbolize the transience of life

still life: paintings artfully arranged on table, comes from stilleven a Dutch word

flower pieces: Still-life painting in which cut-flower arrangements

Bays: vertical divisions

    Ex: Banqueting House, White-hall palace, London. Indigo Jones

clapboard: horizontal plank sliding

    Ex: Parson Capen House. Topsfield

Limners: face painters

    Ex: Mrs. Freake and Baby Mary; Anonymous "Freake Painter"

Baroque: "imperfect pearl" to designate certain formal characteristics of Art and its history; "absolute unity"

    Ex: practically everything in this chapter

impasto: thickly applied pigments



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