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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Art History -Chap 7 - Images part 2

7-8 Good Shepherd, Orants, and story Jonah
Painted Ceiling of the catacomb of saints Pierto and Marcellion, Rome, 4th century. Has a central medallion and four lunettes. The center holds the Good Shepherd with a Greek like pose, it was taken from the idea that Jesus said that he was a good shepherd . The four lunettes contain the story of Jonah, which is sometimes interpreted as the death of Christ. In between the lunettes are Orants, figures with raised hands as a symbol of prayer.

7-5 Wall with Torah niche
From a house-synagogue, Dura-Europos, Syria. 244-245. Tempera on Plaster. A synagogue is a Jewish place of worship, this one was built like a house, this one was built like a house. It contains an assembly hall, a niche to hold the Torah, an alcove for women, and a courtyard. After it was finished residential rooms were added. The two architectural things that stood put in the assembly hal, a bench along the walls and a niche for the torah.

7-16 Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna
Italy. C. 425-426. Funerary chapel attached to the Church of the imperial palace. Made when Galla Placida was regent for sane. It was believed that her and her family were buried there, Made in Cruciform with a barrel vault on each of the arms and pendentive domes they are not visible from the exterior because of the shape of the roofs. On the exterior there was a cornice and blind arcading.

7-12 Parting of Lot and Abraham
Mosaic in the nave arcade, Church of Santa Maria Maggione, Rome 432-40, 4’11” x 6’8”. From a story from the first book of the first book of the scriptures were they had grown too many so lot part the group with a group of people to Jordan while Abraham stayed in Canaan. The parting between the too man is shown by their separation. The Mosaic references to the Roman illusionist style in the 3-d figures in the background, with the people sheep and blue sky made with pieces of marble glass.

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